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Hide details for AppDevAppDev
JCUSBJL4H6DQL - Fixed an issue where partial timedate terms coupled with other terms were producing incorrect results
JCUSBJLRT9DQL - Fixed an issue in DQL where queries with complex boolean expressions were not correctly placing ORed terms under the proper boolean...
JCUSBKPQRKDQL - Fixed an issue where DQL Queries were incorrectly comparing field values to 0-length strings (text1 > ''), resulting in intermittently...
JCUSBLJR4ZDQL - Fixed a problem where DQL textual terms with leading single quotes (like '''''Quoted value ') were not functioning properly, finding an...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
KMOABJRBEViNotes - Disabled double-click to open attachments directly in iNotes ActiveX control if option to show extended confirmation for UK Cyber Essensials...
KMOABJR7K5iNotes - Added option to show additional confirmation to open attachments or link to comply with UK Cyber Essensials security practices (Phone...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
SAPLBMTMALClient - Mac - Catalina - Fixed an issue where the ICS file did not launch with Notes on Catalina.
DMDDBJ54XZiNotes - Fixed an issue where needless notice will not be sent to invitee on adding recipients
FPAIBMBKXTiNotes - Fixed an issue in iNotes where the chair cannot remove the subject or location from a meeting.
Hide details for CD to MIME ConversionCD to MIME Conversion
PJONB9B7R9This change fixes a race condition that could occur when creating uniquely named temporary files.
KHORB6ZRCYPrior to this fix some CD->MIME conversions would fail because the LMBCS string length for some HTML entities was not calculated properly, resulting...
Hide details for ClientClient
RSSNBJJL9AFixed an issue on Macosx Catalina which slows down the Notes performance.
KKOOBL9CGUiNotes - Resolved an issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
RKRYBMTPUANotes - Mac Catalina - Fixed an issue where the client would hang when using the calendar timezone drop down control with two finger...
ECRABGLQPKFixed a problem in the Notes basic client where some toolbar icons were showing the bidirectional version of the icon (right to left). The following...
AYAVBLPEHPMac - Catalina - fixed several intermittent crashes when running Notes on Catalina - exiting User Configuration dialog, opening Embedded ST \Day at...
Hide details for COMCOM
ASHEBMVBUMJava - Fixed an issue where com.ibm.notes.java.ui.documents.NotesUIDocument always return NULL. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
RGAU9Y9NK2Fixed potential crash with Extmngr From Notes 901 C API Toolkit on Win 64
CDUTBLARPLFixed an issue in Verse and iNotes where re-authentication was broken when deletion logging was enabled on a mail database. This regression was...
HPRHBLBDJQFixed a Server Panic issue
SPPPBCLCX6Fixed a crash that occurred when deletion logging was enabled under certain circumstances
CSAHBJGQHPFixes some deadlocks during the trash cleanup of documents contain file attachments stored in DAOS.


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